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My work primarily focuses on the notion of hybridity and its relevance within diasporic and transnational identities. Through my work, I speak from the perspective of a first generation Nigerian-American, with experiences from time also spent in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Painting is most often the method I use to combine and create tensions between the traditions of craft and visual culture from West Africa and the Western art canon. My most recent paintings have come after two years living and working in southeast London, which is home to a large population of British-Nigerian immigrants.

Upon first glance, the paintings reference the now ubiquitous tie-dye technique, which has a long history in Nigeria as well as many other West African nations. After prolonged looking, figures and iconographic imagery emerge from the tie-dye patterns. The predominance of appropriated religious imagery in the paintings is a reflection of both my interest in the early history of Western painting as well as the cultural role of religion and spirituality in Nigeria and its diasporas.